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So what is an Unvention? Some say unventions are simply everyday objects that are familiar to all. They are correct. But they are also wrong. Unventions tell new stories about the things around you releasing them from the mundane trudge of daily routine to take on epic new roles. When you begin to see them you are set free, and soon you will discover your own. Unventions will change your world forever. (Largely in utterly useless ways) You might recognise some of the Unventions in this book as some of the familiar objects around you to which we associate fairly boring uses. This ‘re-calibrated’ perception of everyday functionality has lead to some of the most important Unventions in the world today. So when you think about it, Unventions are everywhere. Everything you see in this book is already in your mind, It’s easy to be different, but difficult to be better, Unventions are better than different.

“Cleon Daniel’s Unventions illustrations are bold, exciting, thought provoking and startlingly original. A true innovator his work has the power to excite, inspire and amaze.” James Mullinger GQ

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