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UNTITLED II The Beautiful Renaissance

UNTITLED II The Beautiful Renaissance

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A brilliant successor to Untitled. Street Art in the Counterculture, this book about street art has again been created without the collaboration of the artists and certainly without the permission of the wall owners. Works featured are all recent creations and many exhibit the vile passions that rage between old schools and new. There are blatant statements that embody outrageous lies, articles laced with satire, plus cynical synopses of attempts to commercialize street art and make it fashionable via celebrity endorsement. Consideration is given to the question What the hell is it about the color grey that makes it appeal the powers that be and their ridiculous minions? and Outsider Art – is it an expression of artistic impulse without interference from the idea of personal gain?

All of this amongst a collection of graffiti collected from all over the world and preserved on these pages before the legions employed to destroy them chip them off the walls. Artists featured include Banksy, Miss Van, Dan Witz, Ron English, Obey, Blek le Rat, Swoon, Os Gemeos, and Herakut.

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