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Stick It

Stick It

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50 artists, over 250 illustrations

Stick It will appeal to both artists and art lovers- in fact its the must have publication for anyone with a passion for creativity. Commissioned cutting edge illustration rubs shoulders with stunning typographical messaging, hand lettering and design. From school exercise books to laptops, from folders to making your mark in the urban jungle – the myriad of designs and formats provides unlimited opportunity to brighten up the dull corners of your life. Every child is an artist. Then they beat it out of you. Let the art collected here inspire you to reclaim your birthright. Placement is everything.

Finding the right context for each sticker is about you expressing yourself in conversation with the artist and your own real life. How you spin each sticker gives it the magical personal touch. Placement is your art. Carpet Bomb your Culture. And if you don’t like it – you know where you can…

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