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1969 is happening again…
A collection of never before seen images capturing the defiant spirit and eccentric creativity of British youth.
This book covers the historical and political landscape and looks at the attitude/beliefs/ideology and aesthetics of the scene.
1966 Mod culture was dying. England won the world cup. The psychedelic wave of hippy culture was rising. But it did not appeal to all the kids. Not the ones from the rougher new estates…
Trojan records, launched in 1968, becomes the symbol of the original skinhead movement. Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dub were outsider scenes that attracted working class outsider youth. They laid the foundations for all the British subcultures that followed.
The SKINS have never been more relevant. In a time when we are sold the lie that all working class people are racists, and that all cultural movements come from art school kids with professional parents – it’s time for the spirit of ‘69 to shine again.

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