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My People

My People

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Welcome to My People . . . the most precious book that you’ll ever own.
Imagine creating a book with your closest friends. In years to come you could look back in time to discover just why they were so special and how they had influenced your life. Can you imagine what this book might mean to you in 5, 10 or even in 20 years time?
This book is identical to a million others. But with just one scribble, from one of your closest friends it becomes . . . instantly unique!
And that’s real magic.

So how does it work?
  • Throw it in your bag and carry it around
  • Get it out at random moments
  • Flip through, find a page and hand it to a friend
  • Each page takes between 2 and 10 minutes to complete
  • Repeat over time until full

. . . It’s now the most precious book you own

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