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My Kids Say The Funniest Things

My Kids Say The Funniest Things

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Random questions to ask your kids and record their hilarious answers on your cellphone.

Make a priceless, memory keepsake video with your child today and treasure it forever.

This little pocket book makes the perfect impulse gift for any parent of young children. Toss it in your hand bag and break it out anywhere. Pick a question and press record.

Ask your kids random questions and film them answering with this super simple step by step guide to making fun videos with your children. All you need is this pocket book and a smartphone.

100 carefully selected questions make it easy for you to get your kids talking on camera.

Make a priceless collection of videos of your kids expressing their ideas and views about the world as their young minds develop.

They grow up so fast! Remember all the cute things they used to say? In the whirlwind of family life, it's all too easy to forget.

What if you had a collection of video clips of your kids talking to camera about all kinds of stuff? A fascinating record of their way of seeing the world when they were small.

This book makes it super easy and super fun to take advantage of any amount of downtime to capture a priceless record of your kids talking on camera.

100 interview questions especially designed for kids under ten

    Pocket book format, toss it in your bag and take it everywhere
    Project hints and tips for getting good shots
    Simple ways to get good audio
    Ideas for things to do with your videos
    Mini-articles to get you inspired for your project

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