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Interview You

Interview You

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Discover Yourself Go on an adventure of self-discovery with this feast of fun and fascinating questions, tests, games and quizzes to read alone or with friends. Do you ever feel like you just don’t even know who you are anymore? INTERVIEW YOU helps you figure out who you really are by helping you to figure out what you really think. Just like a massive extended interview with a celebrity – except the star is you. Use it alone or use it on your friends and relationships like some crazy question mark shaped Tiger Balm. These questions will make your life better. Ranging from the profound to the flippant, the sublime to the ridiculous, they come at you, rapid fire, offering moments of instant reflection or dropping like conversation dynamite at the coffee house table. INTERVIEW YOU reinvigorates your ideas about who you are by asking you questions you would never think to ask yourself. INTERVIEW YOU is a fun game to play with others, packed with unexpected moments of revelation provided by you and your friends. INTERVIEW YOU is the instant coffee granules of life changingly good conversation – even if that conversation takes place in your head, in the bath tub. You’ll soon discover that LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU ASK MORE QUESTIONS.

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