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Hunting The Killer Idea

Hunting The Killer Idea

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Killer Ideas. They're out there. Wild, unpredictable and dangerous. So powerful they can stop a person in their tracks, turn a life around, start a revolution, or even change the world. Hunting the Killer Idea takes the intrepid reader through the jungle of the mind as the creative process is brought to life in vivid detail. Examining what it is that makes great ideas stand the test of time as we attempt to capture the essence of creativity. Along the way we talk to those who have hunted down their own Killer Idea and lived to tell the tale. An artist, Ad-legend, anarchist, rock-star, philosopher and many other heros and villains relive the thrill of the chase and pass on their unconventional and original advice. Whether you're the creative type or not, starting a business, studying, making art or just mucking around.

This book is essential reading for anyone who knows they've got a Killer Idea hiding somewhere deep inside and the time to hunt it down has come. Hunting The Killer Idea: Captures the creative process in a fresh, unexpected and compelling way like never seen before. Assembles the big ideas and sharpest insights from around the world to create the definitive guide to creativity. Hunting is not only of practical use in terms of approach and technique, but is also a source of inspiration to help break through the barriers we all encounter This book is a must read for anyone who realises the time for procrastination is over.

Features interviews with: Noam Chomsky: Academic, Linguist, Anarchist. Liam Howlett: Rock star, Musician of The Prodigy. Gaz Mayall: Musician, artist of Gaz’s Rockin Blues Vince Frost: World renowned Graphic Designer Dave Trott: Advertising Legend Nick Onken: Prolific NY-based Photographer Matt McAteer: British Pub Poet Adrian Pallengat: Art Gallerist Coco & Breezey: Sunglass designers Sacha Barber: Senior Industrial Designer, Alfa Romeo. Also featured are insights into Einstein, Edison, Gandhi, Socrates, Darwin, de Bono, Jonny Ives, Phillipe Stark, George Orwell and Hunter S Thompson + many others.

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