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Fartin' Martin Sidebottom - Monstrous Morals

Fartin' Martin Sidebottom - Monstrous Morals

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Is your child a breezy-buttocked bottom-burper? A frightful figure of flatulence? A truly terrible trumper? A pungent pumper par excellence? Does the apple of your eye make more noise than the biggest jumbo jet on take-off and emit more methane than a large herd of elephants on a strictly vegetarian diet? Do you find it happening at embarrassing moments, like when you're standing in the supermarket queue or ordering a meal in a nice restaurant? Do you find youself frequently having to open windows or move into another room? Do you have to pretend that an embarrassing noise has come from your shoe scuffing on the floor, the squeaking of a leather chair, or the call of a wild bird passing overhead? Are you forced to suggest that the lingering smell is the result of a mysterious substance local farmers are using to fertilise their nearby land? If any of this strikes a chord and you are able to admit to yourself that you have a child who farts, then you have taken the courageous first step. The second step is to read this book about Fartin' Martin Sidebottom, a boy who can't stop breaking wind. Martin endures a terrifying adventure when he joins a wind orchestra conducted by the devil and ends up in the eye of a hurricane. It is the first book in the Monstrous Morals series - a fun and educational way for parents to get important messages across about the nasty habits that children pick up. Written in comical rhymes, designed to appeal to both children and parents, the Monstrous Morals aim to make sure those habits aren't carried into adulthood. We begin our adventures with Fartin Martin Sidebottom - a tale that is bound to put the wind up any flatulent child...

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