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Banksy Myths & Legends Vol 3

Banksy Myths & Legends Vol 3

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No single living artist has created as many myths, rumors and legends as Banksy. In 2011, Bristol based writer Marc Leverton published a collection of the best of these stories together.

Since then, the Banksy juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down and has continued to bring us sharp satire, unintentional furors, blatant profiteering, plus many more myths and legends. That is before we even get to looking at the art. For many, the theatre that surrounds Banksy's work is just as fascinating as the artwork itself and it is this unique position that makes Banksy the 21st century's most important living artist.

This new edition (Vol 3.) covers the years 2015-2023. During this period Banksy has adapted his approach to attempt to be one step ahead of the profiteers who attack, or cut out his popular street work. There are still street pieces, often designed to be temporary or hard to access (boats, bridges even a hospital). The artist has also created events (Dismaland, the Sotheby's shredding incident), shops (Gross Domestic Product shop) and tours (Staycation). He has also taken his work into conflict zones (Ukraine, Syria and Calais 'Jungle').

Social media plays a part in creating a heightened reaction to his work from Banksy fans. They rush to the work, often trying to protect it, and often failing, but having a ball in the process. The book also celebrates the japes of Banksy fans who, for 15 minutes, can get to experience the thrill of street art.

The writer collects the stories from contacts and friends in Bristol and Banksy fans worldwide. The small black book format is an homage to Banksy's own first books which are now out of print. All volumes reproduce high quality images of Banksy's street work and other items of interest to Banksy fans.

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