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Abandoned Futures

Abandoned Futures

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What will the end of the world look like?
‘Abandoned Futures’ is a breathtaking global overview of
the decay and abandonment that sits in the midsts of
humanities constant push towards an uncertain future. It’s
a visual epic dedicated to the edge of our power, where
human industry fails and decay takes over. These are the
landscapes that give the lie to our dreams of immortality.
Abandoned Futures is a roadtrip into a post-apocalyptical
landscape that is at turns both beautiful and frightening. It
features striking imagery from every continent: from the
futuristic island that forms the base of James Bond’s
nemesis in Skyfall to a sinister abandoned theme park in
USA. Witness the despair of crumbling industrial Detroit
and the spectre of failed modernism in a deserted space
age village in Japan. Follow us on a journey off the grid
through ghostly asylums, decaying sanitoriums, sublime
industrial collapses and contemplate the spectacular fallout
of what really happens when a worldwide bubble economy
pops. Humanity versus nature. It looks like we won the war. But
at what cost? The new becomes old at first in centuries, then decades,
now it’s merely measured in years. Is anyone driving this train?

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