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Multi-Skull Planter, Plant Pot -3D Printed Plastic-White

Multi-Skull Planter, Plant Pot -3D Printed Plastic-White

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This unique design always has an eye on you and your plants. Despite being plastic, they are durable and eco-friendly as they are made from corn-based, biodegradable plastic (PLA). This planter comes simply wrapped in recycled paper in a recycled cardboard box that can all be recycled afterwards. Disclaimer Since this is a 3D printed product, there may be some minor imperfections such as blemishes, layer lines, and seams There are drainage holes but if youd like one without any please let me know. Product can’t exceed temperatures above 70 Deg C (Not dishwasher safe) Please NEVER USE WITH CANDLES This design is Copyrighted by alterly, you must not attempt to replicate it in any way without explicit written permission first

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